Are wigs hot or uncomfortable to wear?

Are wigs hot or uncomfortable to wear? The second biggest concern wig wearers have.

Yes, when compared to not wearing anything on your head, wigs do generate more heat and they do take some time to get used to wearing. Unfortunately, most wigs today are made with bulky materials that lack breathability and comfort.

That is why Encelia Hair took a completely different approach.

In a sea of subpar, low-quality wigs, Encelia Hair is proud to say that we are the first alternative hair company to merge technical athletic apparel designs with wig technology. Our patent-pending athletic designs feature a revolutionary wig cap that is unparalleled in the alternative hair industry! Our revolutionary, easy-to-wear wigs offer unparalleled comfort, lifelike realism, and absolute security.

Comfort was the main focus

At Encelia Hair, we pushed our factories to maintain the best knotting (ventilation) techniques while exploring cutting-edge athletic materials, and seamless designs. Our persistence is what led us to develop a truly groundbreaking cap that stands out in its own category within the alternative hair industry.

It is the little details found in every Encelia wig that makes our wigs so unbelievably comfortable from our double-lined cooling mesh specifically designed to keep your head cool to the seamless design to ensure no rubbing or digging will occur to the second layer which prevents hair from "inverting" or re-entering the cap, which is the main reason why wigs are itchy.

Security Ensured with accurately measured and tested cap sizes

Encelia Hair has gone to great lengths to ensure that the fit of our caps is accurate and unparalleled. Encelia offers two cap sizes in the original workout wig and five cap sizes in the everyday wig. It is important to understand that accurate measurements are needed to find the best size for you, and when done right, it will ensure that your wig will stay in place without the need for glue or wig grips. It is important to order the right fit because if a wig is too small, it can slip back or cause tension headaches. If it’s too big, it won’t be secure.

Other than the fit of our cap, Encelia Hair has added some additional features to help increase security and comfort. For example, in the original workout wig, our no-slip tapered headband was designed to hug the head and prevent slippage during the most intense workouts. Encelia's everyday wig features a small amount of super-soft silicone, which grips and secures the hairline and the nape keeping it firmly in place without the need for tape or glue.

Watch this video to learn more tips on how to stay cool while wearing a wig.

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